The structure of ICPP is laid down in the official Statutes of ICPP, elaborated and signed by the foundation members.

Voting and quorum

Voting and quorum of the ICPP membership is divided in three regions

  • Europe, Africa, Middle East
  • The Americas
  • Asia and Oceania

Each region is entitled to three votes. The holders of these votes are elected by the association(s) of each region. Resolutions will be carried if they receive seven from nine votes of the three regions as per article 5.1 of the Statutes.


The Association’s administration is provided by:

  1. the General Assembly
  2. the Board
  3. the General Secretariat.

1. General Assembly

The General Assembly decides on the:

  1. validity of the existing Statutes, adoption of new Statutes and dissolution of ICPP
  2. conditions of membership and structure of ICPP
  3. determination of rights and duties of the members

2. Board

The Board consists of three representatives appointed by each of the regions. It ensures that the management and activities of ICPP are executed in accordance with the Statutes.

3. General Secretariat

The office of ICPP International Confederation of Plastics Packaging Manufacturers is located at its member association IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e. V.:

Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade 43
61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H.

Tel: +49 6172 926673
Fax: +49 6172 926670

The General Secretariat of ICPP carries out all secretarial work in accordance with decisions taken by the Board.